The Governors

On behalf of the governing body I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to our school.  The role of the Governors is to work cooperatively with the Head teacher and staff to create and maintain the best environment for all children to blossom in terms of self confidence, academic achievement, good behaviour and caring relationships.  The Governors have a wide spectrum of responsibilities covering all aspects of the school, ranging from curriculum, attainment and finance to special needs and safeguarding.  Although each Governor focuses on a different aspect of the school, when we meet together we make collective decisions.
The Governors are proud to serve Colville and are delighted with the strong leadership, inspiring teaching and enthusiastic support from parents that has enabled, and will continue to enable, children to grow and develop in this school community.

Nic Boyns  Chair of Governors




Date Stepped


Position Committee Responsibility

Attendance at Full Governing Body Meetings

Nic Boyns 05/01/2015   Chair & Community Governor Curriculum Progress & Attainment 100%
Anne-Marie Mansfield 28/09/2016   Community Governor Finance & Personnel Safeguarding 100%
Tom Bolton 28/09/2015   LA Governor Finance & Personnel Early Years Foundation Stage 57%
Mark Jones 06/02/2017   Parent Governor Curriculum Health & Safety  
Polly Ferris Tbc   Parent Governor   SEN  
Danielle Mazzeo-Browne 14/01/2014   Parent Governor Finance & Personnel Parent Liaison 100%
Hozefa Amijee 20/01/2015   Parent Governor Finance & Personnel Finance 100%
Emma Freeman 22/11/2016   Staff Governor   Curriculum  
Kerry Deane 22/11/2016   Community Governor Curriculum School Council & Behaviour  
Andrew Hastings 01/09/2005   Headteacher Finance & Personnel   100%
Daniel Watkins 01/02/2017   Deputy Headteacher

& Associate Governor

Curriculum Staff Capability & Performance management  
Selma Murphy 19/03/2012 September 16 Vice Chair/Parent Gov Curriculum Special Educational Needs 86%
Teresa Charge 15/01/2015 September 16 Community Governor Finance & Personnel Health & Safety 86%
Pauline Marais 01/12/2013 September 16 Staff Governor Curriculum Curriculum 86%
Inga Senultye 16/04/2013 January 17 LA Governor Finance & Personnel School Council 43%
Meleena Walsh 01/04/2009   Clerk to the Governors     100%