All parents are automatically members of the PSA.  This is an important link between school and home and creates an opportunity for parents and staff to share in a variety of activities, many of which raise money for the school.

We are currently raising money to improve the school grounds and develop the equipment available for children to play on at playtimes.  Many evenings have been spent at fashion shows, quiz nights and discos to name but a few.

The PSA has amongst it many successful ventures funded Christmas parties for the children, computers, play equipment and many improvements to the school environment, including carpeting each classroom and the  building of an extension to the school hall.

The PSA is run by a committee, which is elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. A full list of committee members is available from the school office.

The school will always welcome your interest and support, however modest you may feel your contribution to be.  Being a member of the PSA is a great way to contribute to your children’s school.