Speech & Language

Speech and Language Centre

The Colville Speech and Language Centre is housed within the main school buildings.
The centre has sixteen full time places for children with statements of special educational needs that have severe speech and language difficulties. The children are referred to the centre through Student Assessment Service.

The children that attend the centre integrate with the rest of the school during afternoon lessons and for trips and events that occur during the year.

Criteria for Admission
Colville Speech and Language Centre has 16 full-time places for children from year 1 to year 6 who have been diagnosed as having a specific speech and language disorder. Children admitted to the Centre will have been assessed by a speech and language therapist and an educational psychologist. They will have a Statement of Special Educational Needs. The Student Assessment Panel at the Education Office decides whether a child will be offered a place. The child’s parents then visits the Centre and chooses whether to accept the place. The placement is reviewed each year at an Annual Review meeting with parents.

Speech and Language Therapy
Each child receives intensive individual and group speech and language therapy from a speech and language therapist. This takes place at different times of the school day.

We use Paget-Gorman sign language in the Centre to help children with speaking and listening.

The Classroom
The children spend part of their day in the Centre in a class of eight children. Each class has a Specialist Teacher and a Teaching Assistant. The children follow individualised programmes of work and the National Curriculum which is modified to meet their needs. Both classrooms have interactive whiteboards and individual computers, all with access to the internet.

The children are full members of Colville School. They follow the main school topics. Each child integrates into their mainstream class for the foundation subjects with support as needed. This mainly takes place in the afternoons but can be at other times of the school day. The children also join their mainstream class for lots of special events such as interesting workshops and exciting trips out. Many of the children join main school clubs such as football, athletics and choir.

Length of Stay in The Centre
A child’s length of stay in the Centre will depend on the severity of their speech and language difficulty and individual rate of progress. The minimum length of a placement in usually one year. When it is felt that a child is ready to move on then full discussions are held between the parents, the Centre Staff, the Student Assessment Officer and the receiving school.

Home / School Liaison
We try to have as much contact between home and school as possible. Each child has a home/school book for parents and teachers to write in daily messages and information.
Parents are welcome to telephone the Centre or to make an appointment to see Centre staff at any time. Termly meetings are arranged for parents to discuss their child’s progress.
Parents and relatives are frequently invited to other occasions in school e.g. to watch their child in a performance or to watch their child having speech and language therapy.
We hold regular Parents Meetings focussing on specific speech and language issues. We also like to invite the children’s families into the Centre to watch the children perform in SLC plays and listen to them sing.

Home/School Transport
If parents are unable to bring their child to the Centre each day due to distance, the Local Education Authority will provide a taxi for the child.

Healthy Eating
We share fruit at the table each day promoting healthy eating and social skills.

All children take part in weekly swimming lessons at the Abbey Pool and progress from gaining water confidence to learning to swim.

All children take part in weekly multiskills sessions at Cherry Hinton Sports Hall. Multiskills incorporates physiotherapy targets, helping the children to improve body awareness and coordination.

We have regular music sessions within the Centre where the children are able to sing together and enjoy a variety of percussion instruments. This helps develop attention and listening skills.

Other Useful Information
AFASIC – The Association for All Speech Impaired Children – is a charity which offers information and support to the families and carers of children and young people with speech and language difficulties.

Central Office:
347 Central Markets,
Smithfields, London
Tel: 0171 236 3632/6487

There is an active local AFASIC group which arranges social events and organises fund raising to help children with speech and language difficulties.
Local contact: Linda Hall – Tel: 01954 789606