Sports Premium

Sport Premium Funding

What is it? 

This year all primary schools have been awarded specific funding by the DFE as part of an Olympic Legacy.

How much sport premium money did Colville Primary school receive in 2015-2016?

The sport premium allocation for Colville Primary School this year was £9,121.

How is it spent?

We have used the funding in a variety of ways, including;


  • To maintain School Sports Partnership (SSP) membership
  • To provide specialist sports coaches and teachers to provide curriculum support and teacher development
  • Employ coaches and pay TAs to run extra-curricular clubs without charge to the children
  • Release staff and pay for transport to allow entry to competitions.
  • Promote leadership in sport
  • Balanceability programme for reception age children


Measuring the impact

The Sport Premium finances are provided to develop levels of participation in sports, including competitions, improve quality of teaching and to help develop lifelong healthy choices.


Does it work?

Colville School achieved the Bronze Sports Mark in 2016, a recognition of the good levels of participation in both recreational and competitive sports.  We also ensure that all children receive at least the statutory amount of PE in school, 2 hours per week. The continued joint work with specialist coaches and teachers ensures continuous professional development in all areas of PE and school sport with all year groups benefitting during the year.

In 2015/16 we entered a higher number of teams in competitions than ever before.