Year 1

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic name Ways of Life – farming in the local area Ways of Life – toys – past and present Polar regions Seasons and weather Local area – focus on Cherry Hinton Chembakoli
Geography Local area – uses of the land Mapping of where toys today are manufactured Mapping of the Polar regions Observation of weather Human and physical features of the village Contrasting location to Cherry Hinton
History Local history of farming – trip to Denny Abbey /Folk Museum Timeline of toys through the years/comparison Captain Scott Timeline of a year – seasons Why ‘Cherry Hinton’?
Differences in houses – houses timeline
Science Animals, including humans Materials Seasonal changes
(1: links to Light, Earth and Space)
Plants Plants – to include growing food – planting and harvesting (salad) Seasonal Changes
(2: observation of changes and direct comparisons)
Art Farming landscapes – Constable (Fitz museum) Observational drawings Northern Lights – pastels Monet
Changes to a tree (each season)
Adaptations of local photographs
Clay elephants
Projects in italics
Food produce – soup/stew
Preparing fruit and veg
Toy houses
Miniature houses
Making card and arctic scenes
Mechanisms – levers and sliders
Make a wind anemometer Create a new village sign
Free standing structures
Indian art / designing and printing paisley patterns
Music Sounds Interesting
(Music Express)
Music listening: Nutcracker suite
Christmas music
Fireworks (music express: long & short)
Sounds of winter (finish Music Express long and short of it) Music Listening: Vivaldi (four seasons)
Taking Off Exploring pitch (music express)
What’s the score? (Music Express) Instruments from India (small cymbals etc)
PE Games: Rolling etc.
Multi skills: multi skill cards
Games: Throwing & Catching
Gymnastics: Travel & Stop
Games: Kicking & Striking
Gymnastics: Jump & Land
Games: Striking
Games: Receiving
Athletic activities
ICT We are TV chefs We are treasure hunters We are celebrating We are storytellers We are painters We are collectors
RE The family in Christianity: What difference does belonging to a faith make to a family? SDU – Babies: Rites of passage into a faith Places in Christianity: Focus on Churches SDU – Light and Dark: Diwali and other festivals People in Christianity: Jesus teacher and leader SDU – People to remember
Trips: ideas Denny Abbey
Folk museum Scott Polar museum Botanic Gardens Cherry Hinton hall, Chalk pits, village Indian feast?