Year 2

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Topic Name Great Britain Great Fire of London Royalty Can Buildings Speak? Global Gardens Seaside
Geography Cambridge and the UK, capital cities etc. Capital of London Capital of London
Royal links to Cambridge Duke & Duchess of Cambridge
Local surroundings – Cambridge (compare city / village) World Geography – continents / oceans Contrasting location to Cambridge
History Great inventions – Railway Guy Fawkes
Samuel Pepys
Queen Elizabeth 2: family tree Building s that make up the city University Christopher Columbus Seaside holidays in the past
Science Animals including humans Uses of everyday materials Plants All living things and their habitats
Art Landscapes (Whistler) watercolours/pastels Wax resist paintings of London Burning Royal Portraits Cityscapes – rubbings of textures to build a collage Fruit and veg faces – Arkimboldo  Seascapes
DT Mechanisms linked to inventions
Mechanisms – wheels and axels
Tudor Houses Royal bunting – sewing
skills Textiles – templates and joining
Building bridges (River Cam) Growing and making food. Preparing fruit and veg Making bathing machines/ fairground rides
Music Long and short of it (Music Express) Singing in rounds/composition – London’s burning
Christmas music
Listening/ singing: National anthem
Feel the pulse (Music Express)
Taking Off
(Music Express)
What’s the score
(Music Express)
Songs – ‘beside the seaside’.
Sounds Interesting (Music Express) – sunrise sounds
PE Games – Rolling & Throwing
Multi skills – multi skill cards
Games – Dribble, kick & Receive (foot control) Gymnastics – Body (Slinky Malinky) Games – Throw,
catch & Strike.
Gymnastics – Rock & Roll.
Athletic activities
Games – Travelling with a ball.
Athletics – Sports day events practise.Jazzercise Athletics – Sports day events practise.
Country dancing
ICT Unit 2.1
We are astronauts
Unit 2.5
We are detectives
Unit 2.2
We are games testers
Unit 2.3
We are photographers – link to buildings topic
2.4 We are researchers – link to Global Gardens topic Unit 2.6
We are zoologists –
link to science topic
RE SDU – Harvest and Thanksgiving: celebrations of food and giving thanks Celebrations: Why is Christmas important to Christians Stories and Symbols: How do the stories from the gurus and the concept of seva affect Sikh children? SDU – Endings and beginnings: rites of passage Self and community: How does the Khalsain influence the lives of Sikh families? SDU – Special books: Religious scripture
Trips-Ideas Sightseeing bus:
tour of Cambridge
History off the page Royal tea party Visit Cambridge city centre – look at buildings Botanical Gardens Hunstanton