Year 3

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Class Read George’s Marvellous Medicine The Ice Palace The Iron Man Charlotte’s Web
Topic Ancient Egypt France Early Britain The Romans
Geography Atlas work/ comparative study.
Mapping work in the local area
Volcanoes & Earthquakes
History  Ancient Civilisations Stone Age to the Iron Age Roman Empire and Roman Britain
 Science Forces & Magnets Animals including humans Rocks Plants Light
 Art  Pablo Picasso Paint & Textiles  George Seurat  Charcoal  Wassily Kandinsky  Clay and Pencil
 DT Money container: Textiles Pop-up book: Mechanical systems Pizzas: Food
Music Recorders Christmas cats (music express) Christmas Production singing Animal magic – Exploring descriptive sounds (Music Express)
Peter and the Wolf – Prokofiev
Recorders Exploring singing games (outside playground songs unit) Music Express Recorders
 Computing Programmers: making a program in Scratch Bug fixers – finding bugs in Scratch Video makers – using iMovie, linked to The Iron Man Finding out how computers and the internet work Communicating: email and video conferencing Making and understanding questionnaires
RE Christianity: How and why are churches different? SDU: Food & Religion Judaism: What is important for Jews about being part of God’s family? SDU: Chinese New Year Christianity: What do people believe about the creation of our world? SDU: Pilgrimages & Journeys
PSHE: Rolling
programme contd.Year B
Citizenship 8
Myself & My relationships
Healthy & Safer Lifestyles Citizenship 7 Healthy & Safer Lifestyles Economic Wellbeing 2
Healthy & Safer Lifestyles
Myself & My relationships
Modern Foreigh Language Greetings
Numbers 1 – 12
Ask people how they are
What’s your name?Names in France.
Classroom interaction
What’s your name?
Festivals in France
Classroom vocab
Dates – months
Numbers 13 – 31
How old are you?
Months of the year.
Geographical features of France
When’s your birthday?
Days of the week.
Repeat previous content.
Cities in France
What’s today’s date?
Songs: repeat from whole year.
Songs: repeat from whole year.
PE Gymnastics
Games – Net / Wall Games
Gymnastics – Curling & Stretching Games – Invasion games – Ball on the ground Games -Invasion games
Ball in the hand Jazzercise
Games Bat / Field Athletics – Activities Outdoor & Adventurous
Athletics – Sports day events practise
Trips: Ideas Fitzwilliam
History off the Page
Cinema Trip
Alliance FrancaiseCherry Hinton village (mapping)
Visit to the Synagogue
Sedgewick Museum
Botanical Gardens
Frankie & Benny’s, or Pizza Express or make own pizza.
Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology
Cambridge Science Museum