Year 4

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Class Read Ma’at’s Feather Anglo Saxon texts: Possibly to read to children:
Beowulf – Michael Morpurgo
H Histories-Smashing Saxons
Tree Talk
 Topic Ancient Egypt Anglo-Saxons Rain Forests
 Geography Geography: Rainforests Geography: Rainforests
History Ancient Egyptians  Ancient Egyptians Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots Britain’s settlement by Anglo-Saxons and Scots
 Science Sound Electricity Sates of Matter Animals including humans Living Things and their Habitats Living Things and their Habitats
 Art Water Colour Artist Focus: Cezanne Collage Artist focus:Henry Moore  Printing Artist focus:
Edward Hopper
 DT Electrical Systems Shell Structures Savoury Cooking
Music Woodwind (Cambridge Music Service) Violins (Cambridge Music Service)
 Computing Software developers – make a game to practice another area of the curriculum. Toy designing using apps and Scratch. Music production using Audacity History of the Internet and creation of a web page Make own class wiki-document Weather presenters: data analysis and presentation
RE Islam: Being a Muslim SDU: Milestones in Life (mixture of religions) Jesus: his life and teachings SDU: The Bible and what is means to Christians Christianity: What do Being a Sikh and Sikh Worship SDU: The Christian Calendar
PSHE: Rolling
programme contd.
Year B
Citizenship 8; Myself and my relationships
Rights, Rules and Responsibilities / Anti-bullying
Healthy and Safer lifestyles
Managing Risk / Drug Education
Citizenship 7
Diversity & Communities
Healthy & Safer Lifestyles
Safety Contexts / Personal Safety
Healthy and safer lifestyles
Economic wellbeing 2
SRE / Financial Capability
Myself and my relationships
Managing Change
Modern Foreigh Language Greetings
Numbers 1 – 12
Ask people how they are
What’s your name?
Names in France.
Classroom interaction
What’s your name?
Festivals in France
Classroom vocab
Dates – months
Numbers 13 – 31
How old are you?
Months of the year.
Geographical features of France
When’s your birthday?
Days of the week.
Repeat previous content.
Cities in France
What’s today’s date?
Songs: repeat from whole year.
Songs: repeat from whole year.
PE Games – Net Games
Games – Ball on the ground
Gym – Rotation
Games – Ball in the hand
Games Bat / Field Athletics – Activities Outdoor & Adventurous
Athletics – Sports day events practise
Trips: Ideas History off the Page West Stow Botanical Gardens