Year 5

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Class Read Halo Wreck of the Zanzibar & other Morpurgo short stories Journey to Jo’berg The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe
 Topic Greece Water Mayans
 Geography Greece: Location and Features. Comparing to UK Rivers, Coasts, Water cycle.Distribution of natural resources (water). Fieldwork (local area rivers) South America – locate and name countries. Comparing to UK.
History Ancient Greece: Study of Greek life and achievements and influence on Western world Local History – Hobson’s Conduit & Nine Wells Mayans – Non-European society, contrasts to British history
 Science Living things – Animal habitats and life cycles Earth & Space Properties & changes of materials Forces Animals including humans – human growth and life cycle
Living things – plant life cycles
 Art Greek Pottery Artist Focus: Van Gogh (Depictions of the Sky ) Watercolours
Artist focus:Turner
(Depictions of Water)
Mayan art – feather headdresses, textile printing, beadwork Artist Focus: Frida Kahlo (Self portraits)
 DT Electrical Systems – burglar alarm Structures – constructing own water wheels and aqueducts Savoury Food – South American Food (tortillas, salsa, guacamole)
Music Roundabout – exploring rounds (Music Express Unit) Journey into Space (Music Express Unit)
Musician listening focus: Holst (Planets)
Who knows? Exploring music processes – Music Express unit Cyclic Patterns
African Drumming Music Express Unit
Songwriter – exploring lyrics and melody
(Music Express Unit)
Link to ICT – dance ejay?
 Computing E-safety and internet searches (Greece research) Scratch Computing – Space Games Graphical modelling – recreating water artwork Spreadsheets Scratch Computing Graphical modelling – 3D Mayan temples (Sketch up)
RE Hinduism Religious Festivals Buddhism Religion and Water Religion and the Environment Jesus through Art
PSHE: Rolling
programme contd.
Year B
Myself and my relationships 14/15
Beginning and Belong / My Emotions
Economic wellbeing 3
Financial Capability
(to link with Christmas Fair)
Citizenship 9
Working Together
Healthy and Safer lifestyles 21
Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy and safer lifestyles 20 (Y5)
SRE – puberty
Myself and my relationships 16
Family & Friends
Year B (14/15) Citizenship 11
Myself and my relationships 17
Rights, Rules and Responsibilities / Anti-bullying
Healthy and Safer lifestyles 18/22
Managing Risk / Drug Education
Citizenship 10
Diversity and Communities
Healthy and Safer lifestyles 19/23
Safety Contexts / Personal Safety
Healthy and safer lifestyles 20 (Y5)
SRE – puberty
Economic wellbeing 3
Financial Capability (to link with Summer Fair)
Myself and my relationships 18
Managing Change
Modern Foreigh Language Where do you live?
Places in a town
What’s the time?
What’s the weather like?
Numbers 40 – 200
Classroom objects
What do you like to eat?
Enjoy your meal
What are you wearing? Revision
PE Games – Ball in hand
Health related fitness
Gym – partner work
Games – ball on the ground
Gym – balance
Young Leaders Award
Games – bat/field
Athletics – sport day practise
Trips: Ideas Fitzwilliam – Greek artefacts History off the page – Greek Day Hobson’s Conduit/Nine Wells (Link with Perse) Trip to coast – Hunstanton Mayans visit (Mexicolore) Grafham day trip