Year 6

Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Class Read Goodnight Mr Tom, Michelle Magorian Once, Morris Gleitzman Kit’s Wilderness, David Almond Kensuke’s Kingdom
 Topic Study extending pupils’ knowledge beyond 1066: WWII Local History Study: Cherry Hinton, Cambridge & its immediate environs The Arctic and the Antarctic Circle
 Geography World geography. Political geography of Britain (& the world) pre and post WWII Human & Phsical geography of Cambridge, including changes over time Physical geography of the polar regions. Including position and significance of Arctic and Antarctic Circles; Prime/Greenwich Meridian and time zones
History Taught through topic: Personal, political; primary sources (incl. AF’s diary, school visitors), secondary sources Personal and regional history. First hand accounts; second-hand accounts Taught through topic: Britain’s role in Arctic exploration; political implications; regional implications
 Science Evolution and adaptation – interdependence and adaptation All living things – classification Light – how we see things Animals including humans – health and circulatory systems Electricity – changing circuits
 Art Artist focus: John Piper Watercolour Artist focus: Da Vinci Collage Artist focus: Warhol Printing
 DT Textiles Food & cooking, with the emphasis on savoury cooking Mechanical systems Textiles Control through computerised systems Set Design
Music Exploring rounds Performance Skills Manipulating Sound – Dance E- Jay Manipulating Sound – Dance E- Jay Performance Skills using Notation Performance Skills using Notation
 Computing Planning the creation of a mobile app Developing project management skills Researching the app market Designing an interface for an app Developing a simple mobile phone app Creating video and web copy for a mobile phone app
RE Christianity and Judaism: Is religion what you say or what you do? Christians in other parts of the world. E.g. What is it like to be a Christian in, e.g., Vellore or Iraq? Agnosticism, atheism, humanism: What are the key tenets of these beliefs? (SDU) Religion in Art: How has it been represented in Britain throughout the ages? (SDU) Beliefs and Actions in the World: What key beliefs influence people’s faith and how do people of faith live out their lives?
PSHE: Rolling
programme contd.
Year B
Citizenship 11
Myself and my relationships 17
Rights, Rules and Responsibilities / Anti-bullying
Healthy and Safer lifestyles 18/22
Managing Risk / Drug Education
Citizenship 10
Diversity and Communities
Healthy and Safer lifestyles 19/23
Safety Contexts / Personal Safety
Healthy and safer lifestyles 20 (Y5)SRE – pubertyHealthy and safer lifestyles 24 (Y6)SRE – reproduction

Economic wellbeing 3

Financial Capability

Myself and my relationships 18
Managing Change
Modern Foreigh Language Where do you live?
Places in a town
What’s the time?
What’s the weather like?
Numbers 40 – 200
Classroom objects
What do you like to eat?
Enjoy your meal
What are you wearing? Revision
PE Swimming
Games – Ball on the ground
Games – Net/Wall Games Gym – Symmetry & Asymmetry Games – Net/Wall Games
Gym – Partner Work
Athletics – ActivitiesGames – Ball in hand Games – bat/field
Athletics – sport day practise
Trips: Ideas Duxford; Mrs David visit; Rabbi visit Grafham Water Local field trips (incl. colleges, Cambridge museums) Scott Polar Museum, Cambridge; Perse School Science and Music visit Grafham Water, Hunstanton